October 7, 2014

SPOL in english

Finnish Psychology Students’ Association (FPSA)

Finnish Psychology Student Association (FPSA) is a national student organization, which gathers all psychology students from 6 different universities. The Board of management consists of representatives from each local student organization. The main aim is to promote the interests of psychology students and spread information about important matters about study or professional field. Besides promoting the interests and informing, FPSA organizes all kind of events every year, including scientific conferences and more playful events like Olympics for students. Events are an opportunity to have fun with other psychology students around Finland, but most importantly to get in touch with future to-be-colleagues.

Contact information

Every mail for FPSA should be addressed to the president of SPOL, Anniina Koutonen. You can also contact Anniina Koutonen via e-mail.

SPOL ry/Anniina Koutonen
c/o Kompleksi r.y.

Haartmaninkatu 3

00014 Helsingin yliopisto


e-mail: pj(a)psykologianopiskelijat.net


You can also contact other members of our board of management via e-mail. The e-mail addresses can be found here. Our board of management also has a common e-mail address: spol-hallitus@psykologianopiskelijat.net

If you want to contact every psychology student in Finland, there is a common e-mail address for all the members of FPSA: freudin-lapset@psykologianopiskelijat.net

You can also find us from Facebook and Instagram (username: spol_ry)!

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